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Armagh City is one of the oldest and the smallest city in Ireland, County Armagh is the 6th smallest county in Ireland. Yet, both are blessed with history, culture, archaeology, architecture, scenery and mythology. This website will let you learn about and enjoy the riches both have to offer and through it tell you the story of Armagh, Ireland and the Irish People.

About Armagh started by plotting points of interest on a map in and around Armagh City, then expanded to include all of County Armagh and neighbouring parts of adjoining counties.

As you explore, you'll find this website is unique in its contents and no other provides more detail of an area.

The map below is the "base map" and contains all points plotted. Due to the large number this is divided into sections, each with its own map. These are Archaeology, Battles, Do & See, Folklore & Stories, Religious Sites, Stay and Walks. Some points are relevant to more than one section, and thus included in more than one.

Each map can be enlarged by clicking on the small box on the top right-hand corner, then scroll on the map to further enlarge and interact.

Click on a point and the information for that point will appear. It will say what the point is, provide details and links where you can read more. Some have videos and songs.

Many points have a Grid Reference. To use open https://irish.gridreferencefinder.com, cut and paste the Grid Reference into the relevant box and "Go".

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